Thursday, October 29, 2015

Breaking the HEC-RAS Code – 1 Year!

Well it’s been one year since I published “Breaking the HEC-RAS Code”.  It was a lot of work, but I am very pleased to see how many people are making use of the book controlling and automating HEC-RAS with their own codes.


For those of you who haven’t discovered it yet, this book introduces the HECRASController, an API that gives you the ability to control HEC-RAS from an external application.  If you have HEC-RAS installed on your computer, you already have the HECRASController!  The book is written around Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), since most HEC-RAS users have Excel and many are already at least somewhat familiar with the VBA programming language embedded within.  However, many readers of my book have expanded the concepts presented to other programming codes like Python, R, C#, Matlab, etc with great success. 

“Breaking the HEC-RAS Code” unlocks the secrets to using the HECRASController.  If you would like more information about this book, or the companion Excel workbook that contains code written for every HECRASController procedure plus example code for a variety of applications, follow the link below or shoot me an email. 

Breaking the HEC-RAS Code

For those of you already making use of the HECRASController, let me suggest visiting The RAS Solution forum and posting examples and/or questions about your experience to the HECRAS Controller sub-forum.  Good luck breaking the HEC-RAS code!


  1. Hi Chris,

    I am interested to use the HEC-RAS Controller with Matlab, but I didn't found the info in the forum as mentioned above.

    Thanks a lot,

    1. Hi Thomas-

      There's a sub forum called HECRAS Controller in the main forum. Look for the folder that says "HECRAS Controller". I'm not sure there is any information specific to Matlab though.

    2. Hi Chris,

      I bought your book about two months ago and I am trying to control hec-ras from MATLAB with no success. You mentioned above that some people were successful in doing this using MATLAB. Can you share the email of the guys that were able to do this? My email is

      Many thanks for your help!

    3. Hi Chris,

      I bought your book about two months ago. I am trying to control HEC-RAS using Matlab. You mentioned above that some guys tried to control HEC-RAS using MATLAB. Can you share the email of one or two of those guys?

      Many thanks for your help!

    4. Hi Art-

      I don't have the emails of the guys on the forum. However, there are a couple guys in my company that I think have been dabbling in it. Let me check with them and get back to you. Do you have an email that I could reach you at?


    5. Oops, I see your email in your other message. Got it. I'll let you know what I find out.