Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quickly Edit Reach Lines in the Geometry Editor

Written by Aaron A. Lee | WEST Consultants
Copyright ©  2013.  All rights reserved.

Editing the positioning of your geometry in HEC-RAS can sometimes be a pain, especially with large systems. This tip will show you how to quickly (and easily!) remove sections of a reach. If you import reach stream lines through ArcGIS, or a similar program, your schematic may look similar to the figure below. image In this example I want to remove a large section of the reach, and the method of clicking each node to would be very time tedious and consuming. Manual edits can be useful for editing small portions of a reach or storage area, but not for hundreds or thousands of points! Instead, navigate to Reach Invert Lines Table … under GIS Tools in the Geometry window. This will bring up a table of all the points in the reach, which are organized by XY coordinates. From here you can remove or edit a large portion of points. XY coordinates are shown in the bottom-right corner of the Geometry window when hovering the mouse around the area you are interested in. image

Monday, June 24, 2013

Region and Language Settings

For my international friends out there, just a friendly reminder that to get the most out of your HEC-RAS experience (and to avoid some errors and crashes), make sure that while working in HEC-RAS, you use the English (United States) format in your Windows Region and Language settings.  The most common sources of regional language errors that happen in RAS seem to be the date format and the period/comma usage for decimal symbol and digit grouping.