Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time Series Outflows for Dams

Written by Chris Goodell, P.E., D. WRE | WEST Consultants
Copyright © The RAS Solution 2016. All rights reserved.

Want to simulate a time series of outflows for a dam?  It's easy.  In Version 5.0.3 there's a new feature called Outlet T.S. (Outlet Time Series) in the inline structure editor.  

Click the Outlet TS button and give your new time series a name.  You might name it "Powerhouse" or "Fish Bypass" or something like that.  Once you name it and click OK, it seems like nothing happens.  But what you've done is added the ability for the inline structure to have a flow hydrograph assigned to it in the unsteady flow editor.  

Open up the unsteady flow editor and select the "Add RS..." button.  Then select the inline structure to add it to the list of Boundary Conditions.  Notice in this example, I already have a time series of gate openings assigned to this inline structure.  No matter...just add another boundary condition.  If you click on the empty cell next to the inline structure, you'll see that "Flow Hydrograph" is now an available boundary condition type.

Select the Flow Hydrograph button and now you can enter in a time series of flows for whatever feature you are modeling.  

By the way, this new feature is also available for lateral structures.