Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New HECRASController Forum

Happy New Year RAS Modelers-

I've added a new sub-forum for HECRASController users to post questions and comments specific to the HECRASController and to submit sample code that you would like to share with others.  As you do more and more programming with the HECRASController, please consider sharing some of your useful code with others.  I plan to periodically post code both from the book "Breaking the HEC-RAS Code", and from real projects I've worked on.  A good primer for controlling HEC-RAS using the HECRASController is located here.

The new forum can be found in the forum tab on the top of this page, or by following this link.  "Breaking the HEC-RAS Code" is available from my e-store and from Amazon and other on-line book retailers.

Have fun!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Including Channel Bathymetry into your Terrain.

Written by Christopher Goodell, P.E., D.WRE  |  WEST Consultants
Copyright © The RAS Solution 2014.  All rights reserved.

Let’s say you have a digital terrain model of the area you want to model with 2D HEC-RAS.  ONLY 2D RAS.  In other words, you want to lay out a grid, but do not want to have do to any 1D computations-all 2D.  The problem is the area you want to model includes one or more rivers and streams that have no bathymetric (under water topography) data represented in the digital terrain model.  This is a common problem as many sources of terrain data are collected today using LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging).  As great as LiDAR is for collecting surface data, conventional forms of LiDAR do not penetrate water. 

To adequately model 2D in RAS,