Monday, December 28, 2009

Latest DSS-Vue Plug In

Posted by Bill McDavitt:

"(DSS-Vue) now allows users to injest 1 hour data (sometimes the gage even has 15-minute data) from the USGS Instantaneous Data Archive using the latest plug-in, just released in November. I've been able to work on some projects that happen to have gages very nearby, which I realize is a bit of a rarity. Nonetheless, with 15 mintue data in a DSS file, making an unsteady flow model using data for a particular storm flow can be done with relative ease and minimal additional time spent.
If a user is comforatable scaling/adjusting the gage data for their non-gaged site, HEC has an Excel tool whereby the flows could be modified in Excel and then repackaged into a DSS file."

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