Monday, November 4, 2019

McBreach Probabilistic Dam Breach Modeling - Free Webinar

ICEWaRM will be hosting this free webinar where I'll be discussing the software program McBreach and its application to probabilistic dam breach modeling.  Come join in!  Please note the the webinar start time for your particular time zone.  Starts at 10:30 AM local Sydney Australia time on Wednesday, Nov 6th.  That is 3:30 PM on Tuesday, Nov 5th if you live on the west coast of the USA.  Find your local time.  After the webinar, get your free copy of McBreach and the User's Manual here.

Manage risk by leveraging the power of HEC-RAS through Monte Carlo simulations

Introducing McBreach! Faced with aging infrastructure, limited resources, dynamic weather events, and the uncertainty of climate change, today’s dam owners must manage risk to protect the lives of the public and our built environment. The free McBreach program, quantifies uncertainty and informs better decision making before an event.

“McBreach takes dam breach modelling and analysis to the next level. By complimenting the traditional deterministic dam breach methods, McBreach’s probabilistic approach provides a more meaningful and more genuine way to communicate the potential effects from a dam or levee breach.” says Chris Goodell, Principal Consultant for Hydraulics & Hydrology, Kleinschmidt.

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  1. Hi Chris, the webinar was very nice and a see a lot of potencial for use the McBreach software to do Dam Break analisys. I`m studying this subject a lot and came to me a doubt. Which way should we go? Develop or improve the phisically-based breach models or admite the epistemic uncertainty of the theme and advence on probabilistic analisys?

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