Friday, May 31, 2019

McBreach Probabilistic Dam Breach Modeling Software

Fellow HEC-RAS modelers. Today is National Dam Safety Day.  Dam Breach modeling is a key component to a well-rounded and robust dam safety program.  If you're doing dam breach modeling, you need to check out McBreach. Probabilistic hydraulic modeling is where we're heading with dam breach analysis. Why not get a head start with McBreach. This is free software and works seamlessly with HEC-RAS.


  1. Amazing post with lots of informative and useful and amazing content. Well written and done!! Thanks for sharing keep posting.

  2. Great! Can we use the output of MCBreach directly into hec-ras? Beside this, can we save the only the WSE max of a specific cell of all monte-carlo simulations on hec-ras?
    What I mean is, with MCBreach we create a probabilistic Dam Break Hydrogragh, but to make a probabilistic inundation boundary we will need to analyse the results of the monte-carlo simulation into the hec-ras, correct? or not?
    That is, the probabilistic analisys is defined like this: Given a hydrograph whith X% exceedance probability, the boundary resultant of a deterministic hidrodynamic simulation is the inundation with X% probability or I need to analyze the number (Z) of times a specific cell was inundated into N simulations and my probability of inundation of this cell is Z/N?

    So, congratulations for the work and the model, I want try to use this as soon as possible.


    1. Yes. You can take McBreach output and create plans based on it. the probabilistic exercise is applied to the breach outflow hydrograph. Not individual cells or cross sections downstream. So once you have your exceedance probability hydrographs, you can then route those downstream for mapping. The downstream routing for now is deterministic, but future versions of McBreach will allow for probability to be applied to all nodes downstream (cells and cross sections). This is more like you described in your example. Keep your eyes out for the will be very soon! In the mean time, make sure to sign up on the website so you will be notified.

  3. After having some time to play around with this software, I'd like to thank you Chris and Kleinschmidt for your efforts. I think it will greatly help demonstrate potential variability in these types of assessments.