Wednesday, September 21, 2016

HEC-RAS Dam Breach course in New Zealand!

Limited-time early-bird discounts available

Registrations are now available for our dam breach course in Auckland, New Zealand to be held from 29 November to 1 December 2016.  I will be teaching this course with help from Mr. Krey Price of Surface Water Solutions.  Please come and join us!

We have fewer than ten places remaining, so please register soon to confirm your place!
A $250 early-bird discount is available using coupon code “earlybird” at checkout.
Our agenda will cover unsteady flow, level pool versus dynamic routing, breach parameters, setting up a dam breach model, diagnosing and fixing dam breach models, and presentation of 1D and 2D case studies. Hope to see you there! 


  1. A long read, but here's an article that helps to put the dam breach courses in perspective:

    1. Great article! I've been following Mosul Dam for a while now. In fact it was th first 2D HEC-RAS model I ever built. Scary to think what. could happen there.

  2. Hi Chris- I am using HEC-RAS v5.0.3 to do a 2D dam breach model. The model is strictly 2D except for the dam itself which is modeled with a Storage Area Connection as Weir and Gates.
    In a 1D Dam breach the User can 'Plot Cross Section' and watch an animation of an Inline Structure/ Lateral Structure (see floodwave come through and gates open or close). I've used this to check that my gates are functioning the way I want. However I can't seem to find an animation viewer like this for a Storage Area Connection. Does such a viewer exist? If not, it seems like a feature HEC should add.

    1. Hi Ross. Unfortunately that kind of viewer does not exist in the current version of RAS. Hopefully in the next version!


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