Monday, December 28, 2009

2009-A look back in HEC-RAS

Written by Chris Goodell, P.E., D. WRE | WEST Consultants
Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved.

2009 was a very interesting year for HEC-RAS. A beta version of 4.0.1 came out which included a new Floodplain Mapper (RAS Mapper). This looks like a great start to realizing a fully functional HEC-RAS model with built-in GIS capabilities. Also, Modified Puls Routing for steep streams and a new and improved method for computing at junctions in unsteady flow were added. Sediment Transport continues to improve, and I know that HEC is currently working on a two-dimensional component to HEC-RAS (both in series and in parallel). More water quality functionality was added (though I admit to not having worked with this too much). All great stuff. From what I hear, version 4.1 will be out soon. Keep checking back on the HEC website often.

As for the first full year of the HEC-RAS Bloggery, I was pleased with the response and readership. We talked about the limitations of RAS, failing bridges, Cross section spacing, minimum flow requirements, Htab strategies, cross section interpolation, RAS precision, bridges and culvert strategies, sediment transport issues, and possibly the most popular topic of late...n values in steep streams.

Thanks to all for reading and responding. Please let me know if there are ways to improve the HEC-RAS Bloggery, or any topics you would like me to write/comment about. Also, I want this to be more of a public blog posting site. So if any of you have articles you've written that you would like to post in the HEC-RAS bloggery, feel free to email to me (Chris G.) and I'll post them up. I would like to hear about other's experience with Water Quality in RAS, Sediment in RAS, Channel Modification, more on n values in steep streams, or just something you've done with HEC-RAS that was really cool.

Thanks and all the best in 2010!


  1. Can you please tell me, when will 4.0.1 version be released for the public?

  2. Actually, the next version will be 4.1. Last I heard they were working very hard to get it out this month (January). Fingers crossed!


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