Monday, December 1, 2008

Let's get this thing rolling.

Written by Chris Goodell, P.E., D. WRE | WEST Consultants
Copyright © 2008. All rights reserved.
So I decided to set up a blog so that I can write about my experiences with HEC-RAS. I use this model almost daily at work. I even teach classes on it. I've gotten a lot of tech support calls over the years and often find myself wondering, "now how did I do that before?" It's annoying to me to have to reteach myself a method or procedure I've already done before, or to search around old emails to find that technique I sent someone 4 years ago. I'm hoping that this blog serves as a depository of tips/tricks/experience with HEC-RAS model that I and others can draw from. I also have a forum for HEC-RAS and hydraulic engineering questions in general. It's http://hecras.h2ls.com

I hope to blog here frequently so that it becomes useful to others (as well as myself). Feel free to post responses-even suggestions if you feel so inclined...

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